10 Highly-Rated and Reliable Car Workshops in Singapore Offering Premier Automotive Service and Repair

You may be able to manage minor car repairs on your own, but nothing beats the reliability and expertise of a car workshop. Moreover, as your vehicle starts to age, you must have it serviced and maintained regularly to guarantee it is roadworthy and secure for driving.

To keep cars running in peak condition and to sidestep any costly complications that may arise, Singapore car owners are advised to service their vehicles every six months or at a mileage interval of 10,000 km. If they fail to do so, it could lead to reduced fuel efficiency, heightened emissions levels, and more issues further down the line.

A car workshop also specialises in improving and overhauling vehicles. By upgrading your car, you are accessing the most recent technology and engineering that automakers have to offer. It is unlikely that you will be logging thousands of miles each year in your vehicle, yet with modern advancements such as improved reliability and advanced components now integrated into cars—you can trust that it'll last longer than ever before.

This article discusses the importance of going to a car workshop, what one can expect from their services, and how to look for one. If you need recommendations for upgrading or maintaining your car, check our list of top-rated car workshops in Singapore.

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How to Select a Car Workshop with Experienced Auto Mechanics and Honest and Affordable Service

Investing in a car is an extremely important decision, usually coming second only to buying your home. Thus, you must maintain your vehicle if you wish it to remain in perfect working condition over time.

As your car enters its twilight years, keeping it in top shape by servicing and repairing it is a must. While there are a few minor tasks that you can do yourself, going to an experienced auto workshop is the best way to ensure that your vehicle remains reliable and safe on the roads.

If you choose to cut corners and attempt DIY upgrades and repairs on your vehicle, it jeopardises you and those you care about. To guarantee professional servicing for your car, the best option is to leave it to certified and experienced mechanics.

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Why You Need to Contact a Car Workshop

By going to a car workshop, you can take advantage of skilled mechanics who have the proficiency and expertise necessary for auto repair works. A properly-trained mechanic can quickly recognise issues and solve them accurately, efficiently, and expeditiously.

Below are the benefits of going to a car workshop.

  • Finds Parts You Can’t Source

Shopping for car parts online may leave you with a limited selection, so it is best to visit auto services when you need something specific for different car models. Even if you aim to complete the installation yourself, speaking with professionals at a store can open up more possibilities and help you find what works best for your vehicle.

  • High-Quality Services

All of us strive to save money, but do not risk compromising your safety and the longevity of your car by attempting a DIY upgrade job. A professional auto service center will guarantee you quality work that leaves your vehicle running smoothly, safely and efficiently—which is well worth the cost in comparison.

  • Keeps Car Value High

If you have plans to sell or trade-in your car in the future, make sure to consistently attend to its maintenance needs. Not only will this give you a smoother driving experience, but it will also keep the vehicle's value up when you resell it—resulting in more money for less effort. Additional improvements also raise the value of the car.

  • Prevents Breakdowns

Taking good care of the car can save you from many expensive repairs and breakdowns in the long run. By visiting an auto repair shop even when there is no apparent problem, you proactively ensure that it remains well-maintained and running efficiently. Ignoring minor issues will only cause them to worsen over time, resulting in costly fixes or unanticipated malfunctions.

  • Saves Money

Not only can waiting too long to get your car repaired cost you money and require more costly repairs, but making attempts to repair it yourself could prove even worse. You risk causing expensive damage that would be much easier (and cheaper) to avoid by taking your vehicle in for a professional inspection and maintenance instead.

  • Lowers the Cost of Fuel

Taking proper care of your vehicle ensures that no drop of fuel is wasted. However, neglecting one or multiple key services may lead to a significant loss in gas mileage, meaning more frequent trips to the gas station and thus more time and money wasted.

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Types of Car Workshop Services

No matter the label or package, car services come in a variety of types. Just bear in mind that your vehicle's mileage is an important factor to consider when determining which type of service you need.

Car Modification or Upgrades

If you're looking to enhance your vehicle's performance, car modification or upgrades are the way to go. This process involves spray painting, car polishing, and replacing or adding parts; for example, optimising engine control units, fitting a turbo kit, or swapping out the exhaust system with a higher-performing one. This ensures that your car is now running at its maximum efficiency.

Upgrading your car also involves installing more advanced features, such as stereo and sound systems or a custom body kit. This not only improves the overall look and feel of the car, but also adds to its usability and convenience.

Engine Overhaul

If your car is suffering from severe issues, a full engine overhaul might be the answer. Your trusted mechanic will take apart and carefully inspect each part of the engine to pinpoint exactly what needs to be done for repairs.

A remanufactured or rebuilt engine requires minimal energy processing, emits far fewer pollutants than the older version, and is capable of lasting just as long with proper maintenance. Furthermore, a rebuilt engine gets more impressive gas mileage compared to your last one.

Interim Automotive Services

If you cover more than 20,000 miles per year and are in need of a regular service for your vehicle, the interim car service is here to help. This entry-level package includes an oil change with filter replacement plus a detailed review of all essential parts such as lights, tires, and windscreen wipers.

Moreover, the interim service package provides vital necessities, such as oil changes and fluid top-ups to ensure optimal performance of all parts. In addition, it also involves a thorough inspection that looks out for any potential leaks in the system.

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Regular Car Service

Have you ever wondered why car service is recommended when your vehicle reaches 10,000 km? It is because this type of service includes a comprehensive inspection of components, such as headlights, tires, windscreen wipers, and more.

For those who rely on their cars daily, they may even require additional inspections or parts replacements due to the faster accumulation in mileage.

Full Car Service

When it comes to the ultimate car service package, nothing beats a full service. A comprehensive check-up and inspection of all parts in the vehicle, this package covers everything from oil changes and fluid top-ups to a detailed examination of the car's interior and exterior.

Likewise, it also checks for the proper functioning of brakes, steering and suspension systems to guarantee that your car is running as it should.

Car Repair Services

When it comes to car repair, the process can vary depending on the type of vehicle and what needs to be fixed. However, a common starting point is to assess the damage and diagnose what needs to be done. This can include anything from replacing a faulty part or fixing an engine problem, all the way to major repairs such as a broken transmission.

Car workshops source directly from reliable manufacturers or partner with industry-approved distributors for car parts. This ensures that replacements are authentic and high-quality.

What to Expect from a Car Workshop

A good car workshop offers a range of services from basic tune-ups to full repairs and upgrades and modifications. In addition, a quality car workshop also provides you with an upfront estimate of the cost for any work that needs to be done, so you can make an informed decision. The amount you pay for vehicle service fluctuates according to your ride's model, the complexity of the issue at hand, and the technician doing the job.

Here is a list of what to expect:

Car Modifications and Upgrades

Car modifications and upgrades are a great way to customise a vehicle to make it your own. The process of modifying or upgrading a car can involve changing the engine, suspension, wheels, brakes, exhaust system, interior and exterior styling.

The most common types of modifications include adding performance parts such as turbochargers and air intakes, upgrading the suspension to improve handling, installing larger wheels for a better look and performance, replacing body panels for aerodynamics or for a custom paint job, and adding interior components such as sport seats. Other popular modifications include installing audio systems, alarm systems, race chip tuning devices, and exhaust systems.

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Preventive Maintenance or Servicing

When a car is inspected, the following maintenance tasks are performed:

  • Air filters change
  • Fuel filter or spark plugs change
  • Extensive brake inspection
  • Wheel bearings and shock absorbers inspection
  • Electrical components inspection
  • Air conditioning system inspection
  • Radiator and coolant hose inspection

Major car servicing is a vital service is performed every 40,000 km of mileage. It includes all the features of a regular full-service and essential parts that need to be replaced at least biennially, such as brake fluid and cabin filter.

Safety and Testing

If your vehicle is over three years old, have a test conducted annually to ensure your vehicle is roadworthy and is not emitting a high level of harmful toxins when operational. A test generally covers most of the following:

  • Steering and suspension
  • Brakes
  • Tires and wheels
  • Exhaust, fuel, and emissions
  • Body structure
  • Braking system
  • Lights and indicators

Engine Repairs and Diagnostics

If you hear odd noises coming from your engine while on the road, get a mechanic to look into it immediately. You don't want your engine to completely seize up, as that would require an extensive repair job if left unchecked. Car workshops check the engine, oil, and oil pressure.

In this modern age, with so many apps available on our phones, some drivers might be tempted to use their smartphone to identify engine problems; however, caution should always be taken. The best way of knowing your vehicle's condition is by consulting a trained mechanic who can assess and detect any signs or signals that could indicate an issue with the car’s engine.

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Checking Your Tires

To maintain your safety while driving, mechanics routinely inspect for tears, cuts or bulging. It can be complicated to assess the tread depth of your tires on your own, due to difficulty locating depth indicators. Underinflated tires may lead to hazardous consequences, such as an overheating engine or potentially even a blowout while in motion.

Fitting new tires result in:

  • Increased handling and performance
  • Better traction
  • Improved fuel economy
  • Better driving experience

Examining Your Brakes

When commencing a brake check, the mechanic will first take your vehicle for a test drive to assess any abnormal smells or sounds you mentioned as well as examine if the brake lights are working correctly. After that, they'll then inspect its master cylinder, power booster, brake lines and vacuum hose in search of leaks or damage. Furthermore, particular attention will be given to analysing whether there is anything wrong with the combination valve.

Subsequently, a strip dip brake fluid test is performed. To do this, the technician will lower a testing strip into your car's brake fluid to measure its condition. Once the in-depth assessment is finished, the technician then examines the undercarriage for any wear, physical harm or seepage. They also carefully check out front brake hoses and mounting brackets as well as wheel cylinders to identify any signs of rusting or damage.

The technician will also look at your wheel bearings in order to check if they have excessive movement or other similar hazards that need addressing. To ensure your brake system is working properly, technicians will inspect both caliper assemblies for signs of rust or leaking fluid and measure the brake rotors to look for physical damage. Then they'll remove rear drums and search out any issues such as cracks or hard spots before comparing all findings with manufacturer's specifications.

To finish off the brake check, all components are carefully evaluated including wheel cylinders, pins, springs, washers and pads for any damage or wear. Additionally primary and secondary brake shoes will be assessed to ensure they abide by safety regulations.

What to Look for in Car Workshop in Singapore

When looking for a car workshop in Singapore, there are several important factors to consider.

License. The company must adhere to the regulations of both the Urban and Redevelopment Authority and those related to sewerage. Furthermore, they must also have a motor garage permit. Additionally, it is essential for them to meet the standards set by Land Transport Authority concerning any equipment used or personnel employed who will perform repairs on vehicles.

Experience. It is important to choose a mechanic with experience in different car brands or the your make and model of car, as they will be more knowledgeable about the specifics of your vehicle and the best course of action for any repairs or maintenance.

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Car Dealerships. If your car is still under warranty, you may be better served by having the maintenance done at a dealership. They are more likely to have specialised equipment and access to original parts, which can be expensive if you try to find them yourself.

Warranty Package. Many car workshops in Singapore offer a warranty package to cover any repairs done. This can be a great way to protect against unexpected problems down the road. The more comprehensive your coverage, the higher likelihood that you'll receive repair or replacement services absolutely free of charge.

Automation Software. It can be useful to look for a car repair shop that uses specialised software to track your vehicle's maintenance history and any potential issues. This helps the mechanic diagnose the problem more quickly and efficiently, which can save you time and money.

Price. Prices for car service in Singapore can vary significantly depending on the type of repair and the mechanic performing the work. It's important to get quotes from multiple shops before deciding which one is best for you. Regular servicing generally costs around $188. If more costly parts require replacement during the service check-up, it can cost $425 or more.

Performance Upgrades. Performance upgrades, such as modified exhausts or other modifications are a popular way to improve your car's performance. It is important to look for workshops that specialise in such services, as they will have the experience and knowledge needed to get the job done correctly.

Towing Services. Some car repair shops in Singapore can also provide towing services, which can be a convenient way to get your vehicle to the shop if you are unable to drive it there yourself.

24-Hour Services. If you experience a mechanical breakdown at night or on the weekend, it may be helpful to look for a precise auto service that provide 24-hour emergency or accident repairs.


Ensuring that your vehicle is regularly serviced will not only guarantee its safety and reliability, but can also improve fuel efficiency while preserving the value of your car. It is advisable to check with the owner's manual for their recommended maintenance plan and consult one of our top-rated car workshops in Singapore for upgrades and services.

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