How to Claim
Your Business Account

Enjoy competitive advantages and upgrade your digital sales capabilities with the
Becozon Business Account.

Showcase Your Company’s
Products and Services

Give your clients a rich online experience with a clean and comprehensive display of your offers.

Why Be Verified on Becozon

Being verified shows customers and other businesses that you are amongst one of the most reliable and trustworthy businesses on the platform.


Add New Users to Your Business Account

Your networking and collaboration efforts are made even easier through your Business Account. You can easily invite other users to deliver announcements, start discussions, do product planning, and many more.

Add Products & Services to your Becozon Store Front

Make it easier for buyers to see the main products and services through your store front page. You can give your customers a seamless experience, allowing them to review products and quotations in a fast and secure way.



What are the benefits of working with Becozon?

When you claim your business listing on Becozon, you gain flexibility in managing your online business profile on Becozon, where over thousands of buyers are. Reach out to us to fully customise the look and feel of your products / services in front of potential buyers.

How do I sign up for a Business profile?

Reach out to us here and we will contact you shortly to claim your business profile.

How do I post my listing?

Our account representatives can be reached here. Presently, we do not cater for self-service posting. Kindly reach out to your account representative to update your business profile.

How do I create quotations?

This feature is in development and will be rolled out in due time. Kindly keep up to date with us on the latest developments.