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More Engagement
More Engagement

Great online user experience means prioritizing convenience of the customers when engaging with the products and services they want.

More Engagement
Higher Conversion Rate

Becozon focuses on helping you convert potential customers through accessible and attractive storefront, fast and safe transactions, updated database, and reliable dispatch system.

More Engagement
Easy & Secure Access

No need to worry about building up your own online storefront from the ground up. The built-in sophisticated features in Becozon makes transactions simple and safe.

Make it convenient for the buyers to review your quotation in a quick and organizedway

Expanding your business nowadays requires you to exploit the potential of ecommerce software. Sell your products and/or services online to reach a wider range of customers, including untapped leads. Completing orders is fast, secure and reliable, assuring every customer experience is a delight.


Don't let your quotation be buried in the buyer's inbox

Most online customers nowadays will not willingly spend more than 15 seconds on an ecommerce site that is unclear and difficult to navigate. With Becozon, however, you can showcase the quality of your products and services, making sure that the customers get the correct information they need, thereby reinforcing your brand to the public.


See the buying stage process of your customer

An ecommerce platform must be multifunctional for smoother transactions, not just on the customer's end, but yours as well. Transparency and engagement with customers or clients build trust in your brand. Your customers know they can reach you anytime for important information.


Easily view and take action of your requested quotes

It only takes a few seconds to create important documents for clients, reducing the possibility of losing a potential customer who is interested in obtaining more information. With CRM integration and cost tracking, you are assured that the quotations you send are accurate too.


Quickly review which products and services are most viewed and requested

Get consistent and quality product organization across your sales channels with the help of Becozon. Organizing complex information such as product types, processing third-party product data, maintaining specific pricing sheets, and managing products on multiple channels only takes a few clicks.


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